09 November 2010

Hand Carved Butterfly Maiden Kachina Doll

Butterfly Maiden
Kachina Doll

Butterfly Maiden: Nature spirit of springtime, the season of regeneration, newly blossoming hopes and warm breezes from the south.

Museum quality Kachina doll by master carver and artist, Milton Howard, is individually hand carved in intricate detail of traditional cottonwood root and hand painted. Each doll is signed on the bottom by Milton Howard and will vary slightly from the image shown above. For the serious Kachina doll and Southwest art collector.

As one of the most coveted Southwest carvers, Milton Howard's carvings can be found in fine art galleries around the world as well as in prestigious private collections. Dedicated to the traditions of his heritage, Milton Howard's carvings are accurately detailed representations of the sacred symbols of his cherished culture.

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Evening Star ~ Reflections of the American Southwest

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