31 March 2012

Southwest Festish Necklace

Southwest Festish Necklace

Assortment of traditional Southwestern Fetish are carved from a variety of stones and sea shells, including turquoise, jet, coral and mother of pearl. They are strung together using ultra-fine shell heshi. A traditional Thunderbird carved of turquoise hangs at the center of each piece. The end pieces are sterling silver cones with hook. Available in 1 or 2 strands. (MJ102-1, MJ102-2)

The carved Fetish represent the invisible spiritual presence of the animal or bird they represent while the Thunderbird is the bearer of unlimited happiness.

Order # MJ102-1 - On SALE Now 50% OFF (1 strand)
Order # MJ102-2 - On SALE Now 50% OFF (2 strand)

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Evening Star ~ Reflections of the American Southwest

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