20 August 2015

Apple Coral Cardinal Fetish Necklace

Coral Cardinal Fetish Necklace

Fetish are dwelling places for the spirits you desire to be with you.
Exquisite ~ Timeless ~ Art to Wear Jewelry

Evening Star Apple Coral Cardinal Fetish Necklace. Five cardinal fetish intricately carved from apple coral and jet, then strung together with ultra-fine traditional Heshi handcrafted of coral and turquoise. Features a sterling silver barrel clasp for a secure hold. Perfect addition to your fashion accessory arsenal as well as your timeless art collection.

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Additional Features:
 •    Traditional Southwest design 
 •    Genuine coral, jet and turquoise 
 •    Intricately hand carved from apple coral and jet
 •    Ultra-fine traditional Southwest coral & turquoise heshi
 •    Sterling silver barrel clasp for secure hold
 •    Perfect addition to your fashion accessory arsenal

Please Note:
Each piece of jewelry may vary slightly from the image shown as each piece is individually handcrafted. Turquoise, stones & shells are genuine and will vary in color and grain.
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