18 September 2015

Anson American Eagle Tie Tack

American Eagle Tie Tack

Timeless Designs ~ Unsurpassed Quality
Proudly Made in USA Since 1938

       Anson American Eagle Tie Tack. A tie tack exclusively designed for patriotic Americans and those who are now proudly serving or veterans who have previously served their country. Made in the USA to exacting standards by skilled American jewelry craftsmen. The tie tack is precisely tooled and perfectly formed in solid brass, electroplated with 23 karat gold or rhodium for a protective, lasting and durable finish, and then hand polished to a satin finish. The American Eagle is hand crafted and tooled, then hand oxidized and polished to give the emblem its timeless, eye-catching look and feel. Comes complete with a prestigious Anson presentation box and full Anson warranty.

Order # AN-88407408ATT
       Gold-tone American Eagle, 23kt gold electroplate tie tack
Order # AN-88407409ATT
       (not shown)
       Silver-tone American Eagle, rhodium electroplate tie tack

Order Here: # AN-88407408-09ATT - Buy Now and Save
Additional Features:
 •    Made in U.S.A. with high quality manufacturing and integrity 
 •    Designed & handcrafted by skilled American jewelry artisans 
 •    Precisely tooled, perfectly formed and hand finished 
 •    Rhodium or 23k gold electroplated for a durable, lasting finish 
 •    Properties enable it to resist every day wear and tear 
 •    Captures the personal confidence of today's successful man
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~ Timesless Designs ~ Unsurpassed Quality ~
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