07 December 2010

Swarovski Crystal High Heel Boot Business Card Holder

Western High Heel Boot
Business Card Holder

Elegant Ladies' Western Boot Business Card Holders are crafted from polished base metal, accented with high gloss enamel and set with genuine Swarovski crystals. Delicate butterflies accent each side of the boot. Your business cards are conveniently displayed across the top of the boot. Uniquely perfect gift for business associates.

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Accessorize ~ Style, sophistication and elegance.

Southwest Carved Fetish Necklace

Southwest Fetish Necklace

Assortment of traditional Southwestern Fetish are carved from a variety of stones and sea shells, including turquoise, jet, coral and mother of pearl. They are strung together using ultra-fine shell heshi. A traditional Thunderbird carved of turquoise hangs at the center of each piece. The end pieces are sterling silver cones with hook. Available in 1 or 2 strands. (MJ102-1, MJ102-2)

The carved Fetish represent the invisible spiritual presence of the animal or bird they represent while the Thunderbird is the bearer of unlimited happiness.

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Buy yours at: Milne Jewelry ~ Authorized Dealer
Evening Star ~ Reflections of the American Southwest