31 May 2011

IDHQ Men's Heavy Curb Chain ID Bracelet

Men's Heavy Curb Chain ID Bracelet
NEW from ID Headquarters

IDHQ Men's Stainless Steel Heavy Curb Chain ID Bracelets. Stainless steel construction classic identification bracelet with a polished engravable plaque, heavy curb chain and secure clasp. Quality & integrity using the best manufacturing technology available.

• Crafted from carefully selected materials.
• Solid stainless steel construction.
• Ion plating (gold & black)
• Uniform, long lasting color.
• Bracelet properties enable it to resist every day wear & tear.
• Attractive design in contemporary styling.

Compare IDHQ features to the other name brand:
• Stainless steel construction as opposed to brass.
• Secure clasp as opposed to sister hooks.
• Ion plating as opposed to flash plating.

Style # ID-44 (top - stainless steel) ~ Your Value Price $33.99
Style # ID-45 (center - ion gold) ~ Your Value Price $41.99
Style # ID-49 (bottom - ion black) ~ Your Value Price $41.99

Buy yours at: Milne Jewelry ~ Authorized IDHQ Dealer
IDHQ ~ Engravable Jewelry Accessories for Men

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