11 July 2011

WBHQ Genuine Lizard Leather Watch Strap

WBHQ Genuine Lizard
Replacement Watchband

Genuine Lizard Leather Strap. High quality padded, genuine lizard replacement watchband features top stitching, nubuck lining, a reinforced loop, anti-allergic buckle with sealed edge construction.

       Style # 631 -- Black, regular and long lengths.
              Available in 10mm to 20mm widths

       Style # 632 -- Brown, regular and long lengths.
              Available in 12mm to 20mm widths

Additional Features:
• Quality & integrity using the best manufacturing technology
• Carefully selected leathers from the finest tanneries.
• Ion gold plated stainless steel buckle.
• Hand stitched reinforced loop.
• Perfectly formed holes for spring bars.
• Genuine nubuck lining.
• Sealed edge construction for water resistancy.
• Sophisticated styling.

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WBHQ ~ Genuine Leather Replacement Watchbands

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