11 January 2012

Timex Heart Rate Race Trainer Sport Watch

Timex Race Trainer Heart Rate System

Timex Ironman Race Trainer Heart Rate Monitor Sport Watch. An essential training companion that makes a bold statement.

Health and fitness watch features an easy read digital screen, rubber covered side push buttons, top mounted pusher, and a night light. Provides elite athletes the necessary performance measurement data to succeed: 10 workout memory, 50 lap chronograph, 5 timers, and heart rate target zones. The watch is water resistant with day and date and a durable, light weight resin strap. Heart sensor strap included.

Model # TMX-T5K217- Buy Now and SAVE

Additional Features:
• Makes serious training seriously easy.
• Heart rate monitor.
• Five interval timers with individual heart rate target zones.
• Target Zones: preset your desired heart rate exercise zone,
   alarm notification when you are not in zone.
• Average Heart Rate: for your workout and for each lap.
• Max Heart Rate Zone Calculation: automatically sets your five
   training zones.
• Recovery Heart Rate Timer: measure your heart rate after a
   timed recovery during or after your workout.
• Digital Transmission: protects your data from cross-talk with
   other heart rate monitors and electronic interference from
   exercise equipment.
• 10 workout memory.
• 50 lap chronograph with average heart rate per lap.

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Timex Watch ~ 150 Years of Timekeeping Innovation

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