14 December 2012

Casio Wave Ceptor Atomic Time Watch

Casio Radio Controlled Wave Ceptor
Atomic Time Watch 

This amazing Casio technology enables the watch to connect with the atomic transmitter in Colorado several times a day, automatically making any necessary adjustments. You'll never miss a second!

Casio Wave Ceptor Atomic Time Alarm and Stopwatch Digital Watch. With its easy to read digital screen and atomic timekeeping (US & UK), the watch is also loaded with features like a backlight, daily alarm, world time, a stopwatch and countdown timer, auto calendar, and the watch is 200 meters water resistant. The durable resin strap is lightweight and comfortable.

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Additional Features:
• Atomic timekeeping (US, UK):
      Receives time calibration radio signals which keep the
         displayed time accurate
      Auto receive function (up to 6 times per day)
      Manual receive function
      Signal: US WWVB, UK MSF
      Frequency: US 60kHz, UK 60khz
• 200 meters water resistant
• Electro-luminescent backlight with afterglow
• World time:
      29 time zones (48 cities), city code display
      Daylight saving on/off
• Daily alarm
• Countdown timer:
      Measuring unit: 1 second
      Countdown range: 1 second to 60 minutes
• 1/100 second stopwatch:
      Measuring capacity: 59'59.99"
      Measuring modes: elapsed time, lap time, split time,
         1st-2nd place
• Hourly time signal
• Auto calendar (pre-programmed to year 2099)
• 12 / 24 hour formats
• Accuracy: +/- 20 seconds per month (with no signal calibration)
• Approx. battery life: 2 years on CR1620

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