05 April 2013

Colibri C-Series Classic Pipe Lighter

Colibri Classic Pipe Lighter

The cool elegance of the 1920s combined with 21st century design.

Colibri Connaught II Pipe Tamper Butane Pipe Lighter. Crafted to be of the finest quality, and meet the demands of the discerning pipe smoker. Reliable, especially for high-altitude ignition. These lighters are also perfect for all-around lighting use.

The Connaught II pipe lighter with its Electro-Quartz ignition does not require batteries, wick, or flint and provides a soft or "traditional" flame. This well-equipped pipe lighter features a 45 degree angled flame, built-in pipe tamper, fuel-level viewing window, and easy-access oversized flame adjuster.

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Additional Features:
• Soft flame (pipe)
• Single action ignition
• Oversized flame adjuster
• Pipe tamper
Care and warranty information

As an Authorized Colibri Dealer, Milne Jewelry guarantees that every butane lighter and smoking accessory we sell is genuine and new, direct from Colibri, complete with the full Colibri warranty and instruction manual. Unlike the other online merchants, we do not sell close-outs, gray market, refurbished, or counterfeit products.

WARNING: Keep lighters & butane away from children.
The instruction booklet that accompanies every new Colibri Lighter should be read thoroughly before using the lighter or attempting to perform any troubleshooting activity.

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