17 July 2013

Timex Fitness Pocket Pedometer

Timex Fitness Pocket Pedometer

Achieve Your Personal Fitness Goals with Accurate Daily Activity Readings.

Timex Health Tracker Pedometer. Slim and stylish, the new Timex Pocket Pedometer provides accurate activity readings, coupled with a comfortable design. Designed with durable and lightweight black resin case with red accents, this pedometer will fit comfortably in your pocket or attach it to your belt with the detachable belt clip accessory (included). Tracks steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned. The pedometer also features an easy-to-read digital screen, power saving mode and a button lock feature to avoid unplanned button presses.

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Additional Features:
• Everyday health and fitness pedometer
• Tracks steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned
• 7 day memory
• Time of day shown on screen
• Automatic activity timer shows daily active time
• Daily goal
   Set your daily step target and see a graph of your progress
   throughout the day
• Today rec mode provides your current daily information and
   conveniently resets at midnight
• Activity history mode keeps a running total of all information prior
   to your last manual reset
• Calculates BMR (Basel Metabolic Ratel, the estimated number
   of calories you burn throughout the day while at rest
• Easy calibration by adding weight, height and gender
• Power saving mode to help conserve battery
• Button lock feature avoids unplanned button presses
• Indiglo night light
• Easy-to-read digital screen
• Durable and lightweight resin case
• Fits comfortably in your pocket
• Detachable belt clip accessory included
• Case width 37.14 mm - height 11.25 mm
• 2 year battery life (CR2032)
• One year Timex limited warranty (US only)
Timex warranty and service information

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