25 October 2013

Iconic Southwest Business Card Holder

Iconic Southwest Business Card Holder

Mosaic Inlay Business Card Case. Make an impression and be remembered by business professionals and new acquaintances when handing them your business card using an iconic Southwestern design business card case. Crafted of durable silver-tone metal which maintains its finish and resists day-to-day wear, the business card holder is designed for easy opening and a secure, tight closure. It is then inlaid with a combination of various cut and polished stones and shell including genuine turquoise. The configuration and combination of the stones will vary slightly on each piece. Approximately 40mm diameter

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Southwest Reflection: Southwest mosaic inlay was a lost art form of the Ancients. The method was revived in 1935 by artist Teddy Weake after some artifacts were excavated at Hawikuh, New Mexico.

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Evening Star - Reflections of the American Southwest

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