09 April 2014

Graduated Onyx Heshi with Raindrop Pendant

American Southwest Graduated Black Onyx Heshi with Raindrop Pendant

Southwest Graduated Heshi Pendant

Graduated Black Onyx Heshi with Raindrop Pendant. To create the heshi for this exquisite raindrop pendant, small pieces of genuine black onyx are drilled. They are then strung on resilient, durable string and carefully ground and polished into shape by pulling them across a grinding stone. The cut and polished genuine black onyx raindrop is highlighted with two sterling silver beads and a sterling silver cone crafted to fit it perfectly. A popular, natural simplicity for high fashion enthusiasts.

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Southwest Reflection: With water being one of the most valued, yet limited resource of the Southwest deserts, the Raindrop is a cherished gift from the Great One.

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Evening Star
~ Reflections of the American Southwest ~

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