11 September 2015

Doc Tock Caduceus Medic Alert Curb Chain ID Bracelet

Caduceus Medic Alert Curb Chain Bracelet

Your Personal Medical Information With You At All Times.

Doc Tock Gent Medical Caduceus Curb Chain Identification Bracelet. Identify your medical information in an emergency situation. Practical identification bracelet design with the Medical Caduceus prominently displayed along with engravable space on bracelet  plaque front and back for you to list medications, allergies or emergency contacts. Encompassing quality and integrity using all of the best materials and manufacturing technology available.

(Top) Order # DT-DTJ-48 
Gent, stainless steel, medical caduceus, 8 inch curb style chain,
jewelry clasp, engravable front and back.

(Bottom) Order # DT-DTJ-49
Gent, ion gold plate stainless steel, medical caduceus, 8 inch curb
style chain, jewelry clasp, engravable front and back.
Order Here: # DT-DTJ-48-49 - Buy Now and Save

Additional Features:
 •    Quality and integrity using the best manufacturing technology
 •    Carefully selected materials 
 •    Hypo allergenic stainless steel construction 
 •    Ion gold plated stainless steel (gold-tone) 
 •    Engravable (front and back) 
 •    Medical wallet card 
 •    Curb style chain 
 •    Gent bracelet: 8 inch length 
 •    Properties enable it to resist every day wear & tear
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St. George Utah
~ Alert Medical Responders in an Emergency ~
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