24 September 2015

Wild West Marshal, Sheriff & Ranger Law Badges

Marshal, Sheriff and Ranger Law Badges

Authentic Marshal, Sheriff & Ranger Law Badge Replicas.

       Lawmen of the Wild West. Taming the Wild West fell into the hands of a unique, new breed of gunslinger. Men dedicated to bringing law, order and peace to an otherwise chaotic and lawless land. The symbol of their authority was the badge they wore.

       History buffs of the Old Wild West have long delighted in collecting artifacts of the time period, relishing the thought of someday actually owning one of the lawmen's badges. However, the remaining badges are very rare and are all in private collections or museums.

       The law badges offered are exact replicas cast from molds made from the authentic, original law badges actually worn by the lawmen of the Old West which are in the possession of private collectors. You'll want to collect them all.


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