01 August 2012

Colibri Polished Steel and Malachite Cuff Links

 Polished Steel and Malachite Cuff Links

The cool elegance of the 1920s combined with 21st century design.

Colibri C-Series Cuff Links. Polished Steel and Malachite Cuff Links. Perfectly finished cuff links with deep green malachite set in exquisite polished steel.

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Intrepid inventor, Julius Lowenthal, founded Colibri in 1928 during the Art Deco era. Daring to use new materials and techniques, Lowenthal was obsessed with the possibilities for combining fine craft with technology. The iconic Colibri legend was born.

Today Colibri pays homage to this history with a jewelry range that reproduces the sharp, aesthetic style of the period, with its excellence in design and high quality craftsmanship. The result is a range of men's jewelry and accessories that echoes the confident elegance of the past while staying true to the energy and vision that inspired its best works of art.

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