08 October 2015

Child's First Speidel Sterling Silver Pink Heart Ring

Child's First Pink Heart Ring

Playful colors and designs that children love.
You are never too young to show your sense of style!

       Child's First Speidel Sterling Silver Pink Heart Ring. Fun, playful pink flower adjustable ring for children with a sense of style! Crafted of sterling silver to exacting standards by skilled jewelry craftsmen. The adjustable ring has been precisely tooled and perfectly formed, then hand polished to a satiny finish. It features a safety end to keep the ring securely in place and keep it from slipping of the finger. The heart is painted with bright pinks epoxy for a timeless, enduring finish.

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Additional Features: 
 •    Designed & handcrafted by skilled jewelry artisans 

 •    Precisely tooled, perfectly formed
 •    Features a security end piece
 •    .925 silver, complying with US federal karating laws 
 •    Painted with epoxy
 •    Properties enable it to resist every day wear and tear
 •    Quality and safety that parents demand
 •    Playful, colorful, fun and fashionable
 •    Makes milestones in children's lives exciting & memorable
ATTENTION: This jewelry is not suitable for children under the age of 3 years. Many of the pieces are small and can present a chocking hazard. The jewelry should not be worn for prolonged periods of time and never overnight.
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~ Stylish, Educational and A Lot of Fun!
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