07 October 2015

Evening Star Picasso Marble Quail Fetish Necklace

Picasso Marble Quail Fetish Necklace

Southwest Reflection: Fetish are dwelling places for the spirits you desire to be with you ~ created of hand-carved stones and shells in the image of birds, animals or other life forms.

       Evening Star Picasso Marble Quail Fetish Necklace. Five quail fetish intricately carved from Picasso marble, inlaid with shell and turquoise, and strung together with ultra-fine traditional Heshi handcrafted of genuine sea shells and turquoise. Features a sterling silver barrel clasp for a secure hold. Perfect addition to your fashion accessory arsenal as well as your timeless art collection.

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Please Note:
Each piece of jewelry may vary slightly from the image shown as each piece is individually handcrafted. Turquoise, stones & shells are genuine and will vary in color and grain.

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