30 October 2015

Fisher LeStage Merry Christmas Engravable Charm

Merry Christmas Engravable Charm

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       Fisher LeStage Merry Christmas Engravable Charm. Superior craftsmanship and unsurpassed quality. Sterling silver Merry Christmas charm is .925 silver, complying with U.S. federal karating laws. The vermeil charm is sterling silver, plated with 22 karat gold (not shown). Add to your favorite charm bracelet or wear as a pendant. Perfect gift for a life-long memory of this special Christmas Holiday Season.
Merry Christmas Disc Engravable Charm 
Approximately 3/4" diameter. Engravable back. 
Order # SG-FL-D0406S (sterling)
Order # SG-FL-D0406C (vermeil)

Order Here: # FL-D0406 - Buy Now and Save
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St. George Utah
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