07 October 2015

Iconic Triangle Channel Inlay Southwest Earrings

Triangle Channel Inlay Earrings

Southwest Reflection: The 20th & 21st centuries have revived and nurtured the development of the beautiful Southwest inlay lapidary work. The jewelry makers utilize all the lapidary techniques of cutting small stones by drawing from ancient cultures.

       Evening Star Triangle Channel Inlay American Southwest Earrings. The triangle channel inlay earrings are crafted of sterling silver and inlay with a combination of orange spiny oyster shell, jet and white opalite. Each stone is meticulously cut and ground until it precisely fits. The earrings are then buffed and polished to a smooth, silky finish. They feature French hooks attached with soldered silver jump rings. The triangles are approximately 42mm x 8mm in size. The configuration and combination of the stones may vary slightly in each earring set. Perfect addition to your fashion accessory arsenal as well as your timeless art collection.

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Please Note:
Each piece of jewelry may vary slightly from the image shown as each piece is individually handcrafted. Turquoise, stones & shells are genuine and will vary in color and grain.
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